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Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 17 May 2012 11:21

{jcomments off}We're now exactly one year "in business" and we can only thank our customers for their unexpected willingness to buy and use the apps. In numbers the plan was a "couple of dozen" but it's been more than a dozen a week ! :))) .. Well, thank you !!!

So we thought it a good time to share the comments of our users with all of you and what we have (not) done with them. As you might expect, the number of complaints exceeds by far the "thumbs up" but unfortunately that is normal behaviour on the internet. Nevertheless, we don't have any secrets so here we go:

- In the early days of close to release 1.0 some users complained about the lack of support for special characters like in Spanish. German, Portugese and of course cyrillic languagea, Japanese and Chinese. That was very true. The app started to work mostly for English and Dutch users. Meanwhile this all has been solved. SRS can handle most of the encoding sets so there should be no real problems with readability anymore. Mainly because a Greek customer contacted us directly through the Forum, we gave it priority so thanks to Nikos this issue is from the past. ("??????. ???? ???? ?? ??? ?????????? ?????????? ... ??? ? ????.!!! Must for Mac. - Very good with the new additions... and the price!!! Must for Mac")

- A Dutch user Nicci and an Australian user JoJo were disappointed because after buying the app could not import and export MKV subtitles or embed it into other type movies. Well, the app was not made for that and we never said it was so ??? ... It is on our wish list however and may be in the future we will put in some effort. Exporting to M4V movies has a higher priority though.

- Some users in the US and UK were not happy with the looks and feel of the app. They just said it was "ugly" (Harry: "... it has to be the most cryptically-interfaced, inaccessible, unintuative application made for Mac"). Well, thats a matter of taste. It's an application with a lot of functionality and we wanted every function to be visually present on screen and yes, that makes the number of buttons a bit high. However, there is an extensive Help Function with Quick Tutorials and an explanation of the most important functions. Every button has an explaining tooltip and from 1.60 we've added a "Button Index" in the Help Function. ?We like the big green colored buttons but with SubtitleReSync Basic we did change to gray. Maybe in the future we will give you a choice through a Preferences setting.

- Recently a Swedish user Gustav contacted us with a ScreenShot of a subtitle file which obviously was severely corrupted after a resync. However it showed that sync points were set much toooooo closely together, even some in 4 consecutive lines. This is just an abusive use of the app. The help text and FAQ are very clear about it: for simple resyncs "Put one sync point somewhere at the beginning and one somewhere at the end". But, although the app did not check for "unlikely results" we've built in a check like that from release 1.61. Sync points closer that 10% of the file size are not allowed anymore and closer that 30% will give you a warning for unlikely results.

- The most worse messages come from users who just say the app crashed opening subtitle file (Makotoshishio from US, dleivae from Chile). This is quite severe and we really would want to do something about but we don't have any crash reports about that !!! In one years time there was only one crash report where a user aparently moved, renamed or deleted a movie after loading it into SRS. SRS could not find the movie anymore and crashed. We've built in some additional checks for that but it's hard to avoid things like this. Of course a crash can always happen. It still is software. We do everything to avoid it as much as possible.

- A few users complained that a movie did not open. (Mexico: "No me recibe ninguna pel?cula") or in the early days (about release 1.0 from Aksel from Estionia) that there was no movie display function at all. Well, indeed in the beginning there was no movie view function (we never said there was) but since long there is a movie display function. Until recently we just assumed that everybody had organized their subs and movies cleanly with the same name in the same folder. Obviously that is not always the case (especially for VLC users) so in SRS 1.61 and SRS Basic 1.0.2 we've introduced "drag & drop" functions. You can now drag any sub and movie into their boxes whatever name they have en whenever they belong to each other or not :))) ... to us it's a bit confusing but hey, the customer is king! ... By the way, don't forget to install the proper codecs for Quicktime like DIVX otherwise the movie preview will stay black.

Well, these were the most important ones. We'd like to say that we're grateful for comments and especially direct contacts to answer questions and solve problems. Thanks to the users who found that route. Hopefully you all will continue to do so to keep us motivated and ambitious to improve the apps beyond their current limits.

Happy birthday to SubtitleReSync :-)))

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