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We've received some reports about SubtitleReSync (Pro and Basic) being slow on some machines. To be honest we really don't know how that is possible. We're testing both the Pro and Basic version on 4 different machines to be sure that the apps work in various environments:

- Macbook Air - Snow Leopard - 2 Gb Ram - in fact this is our main development machine to make sure we have compatibility for OSX versions on small machines with either Snow Leopard or Lion.

- MacMini - Snow Leopard Server - 2 Gb Ram

- iMac - Lion - 4 Gb Ram

- iMac - Snow Leopard - 4 Gb Ram

On none of the machines (all running on latest versions of OSX SL or Mountain Lion), and these machines are not the most fast ones, the app is slow. May be only the clean startup with or without a movie takes some additional seconds to load but slower than about 30 seconds is never observed. May be we just have pretty clean machines.

As a matter of fact, the opening (or dropping) of a subtitle of about 1500 lines together with a 700Mb DIVX AVI movie over a local network (Gb) from a NAS should not take more than just a few seconds. Larger movies may need some more time but you should experience the same lag while opening the movie with Quicktime because SRS is using Quicktime technology (with preferably Perian) under the hood.

If you experience these kind of problems, please drop us an email or write something in the Forum section with some details about what you were trying to do: movie, movie-type, subtitle-type etc.. We hate these kind of complaints and just want to make sure you have the best experience you have spent your money for.



UPDATE: extensive testing did not show any performance problem on Snow Leopard or Mountain Lion. So actually, we're starting to believe that this is a false statement coming from our competition or from people with a accidentally bad performing Mac. Until we receive a proper bug-report, we'll ignore this issue for the time being.


Shift only the beginning (or another part)

One of our recent Brazilian users couldn't find a solution for just shifting a part of a file. It's unclear what he wanted exactly but let's assume 2 scenario's. The trick is not to shift but to resync and "fix" the part that you don't want to move.

So let's take an example of having to shift only the first 10 lines 2 seconds and leave the rest as it is:

First let's define the shift for the first 10 lines:

-?go to line 1 and put a sync time of 2 seconds later (you can do this by just clicking on the sync column of line 1 and enter the new time manually or by position the movie 2 seconds later than the line and click on the lower button above the sync column)

- go to line 10 and?do the same


Now fix the rest of the file:

- go to line 11 and copy the start time into the sync time

- go to the last line and do the same


Now click on the sync-button (the upper one above the sync column). You can see that now only the first 10 lines will be changed and the rest stays the same.


The second scenario is when only the beginning of the movie seems to be shifted but towards the end the subs more en more get in sync (or vice versa). The trick in this is to only define a sync-point somewhere at the beginning and?"fix" one of the last lines with the start time. In fact only step 1 and 4 of the above scenario.


Enjoy ?! :)

Customer (dis)satisfaction report

{jcomments off}We're now exactly one year "in business" and we can only thank our customers for their unexpected willingness to buy and use the apps. In numbers the plan was a "couple of dozen" but it's been more than a dozen a week ! :))) .. Well, thank you !!!

So we thought it a good time to share the comments of our users with all of you and what we have (not) done with them. As you might expect, the number of complaints exceeds by far the "thumbs up" but unfortunately that is normal behaviour on the internet. Nevertheless, we don't have any secrets so here we go:

- In the early days of close to release 1.0 some users complained about the lack of support for special characters like in Spanish. German, Portugese and of course cyrillic languagea, Japanese and Chinese. That was very true. The app started to work mostly for English and Dutch users. Meanwhile this all has been solved. SRS can handle most of the encoding sets so there should be no real problems with readability anymore. Mainly because a Greek customer contacted us directly through the Forum, we gave it priority so thanks to Nikos this issue is from the past. ("??????. ???? ???? ?? ??? ?????????? ?????????? ... ??? ? ????.!!! Must for Mac. - Very good with the new additions... and the price!!! Must for Mac")

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