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Google does not translate PDF Print E-mail

That's unfortunately right. Google canceled it's automated and free translation services. Sometimes it works a bit for one or two lines but most of the time it doesn't. Google probably checks your IP-address and draws some conclusions with it. You might have some credit but don't count on it. Bing still does it's job but the translations are not that good.

In the next release we'll probably remove the Google option and hopefully we can introduce some alternative so that you'll have a choice besides Bing. At least we'll show some error message because now it's a bit silent under the hood and apparently nothing happens.

Maybe for those who can't live without Googles service, a paid service can be passed through. Pretty complicated with all sorts of integrity and security issues so it will require some serious development and testing. It depends on how many of SRS users really really really want it and want to pay for it. To be honest, it will probably go a bit beyond the 80/20 rule of building simple and effective applications :))).

It's the power of the market. A vendor can just deliver, stop or change the conditions.