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I can read and write .ssa and .sub files but why not .ass? PDF Print E-mail

The functions around reading and writing other types of subtitle files like SubViewer (.sub), Substation Alpha (.ssa) and MicoDVD (.sub as well) is mainly built to have a conversion facility towards SubRip (.srt) subtitles. Of course you can convert from and to any type but the original meaning of the application was not to handle all different aspects of various subtitle formats.

ASS (Advanced Substation Alpha) has its greatest benefits with a Karaoke style of subtitles. This is a very specific use of subtitles. Nevertheless, you could rename an ASS file to SSA and SubtitleReSync will try to import all the Dialogue parts of the file.

Note: SRS will not preserve the general or heading information of the various types. When you save a subtitle in SSA or SUB (Subviewer) format, the file is written with a default set of header parameters.