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ToggleMon User Manual PDF Print E-mail

ToggleMon can start automatically at login. This can be switched on or off in the app's preferences.

The application installs itself as a "Status Menu" in the menu bar at the top of each screen connected to your Mac.

The application can be stopped with the Quit option in the menu.

Screens can be toggled to black (and v.v.) by selecting the screen name in the menu or with CTL-ALT-CMD with their corresponding number (0 for the main screen), all at once with the keyboard shortcut CTL+ALT+CMD+X or toggled to a mirror of the main screen with CTL-ALT-CMD-M

In a multiple monitor setting

- CTL+ALT+CMD+X toggles each connected and active screen to black when active or to active when black.

- CTL+ALT+CMD+N switches all screens to on (and cancels mirroring if active)

- CTL+ALT+CMD+F switches all screens to off

Connected AirPlay monitors (e.g. an AppleTV) work similar like a wired monitor except the name in the menu is blank.

It might take a while before MacOS changes the list of the connected monitors including an AirPlay monitor. However, for a wired monitor it depends on how it is connected. Some external monitors have multiple inputs but when connected to an iMac, even if not selected on the monitor, macOS is slow to anticipate. Also when the external monitor has an auto power down, macOS sometimes ignores that and still believes the monitor is active.